Interesting workouts and focus on problem areas - Wendy G.


Body Evolutions Studio is run by two great teachers; Chris and Sonia.  I have been lucky to work with both of them as my schedule has jumped around over the years.  

I have been going to Body Evolutions Studio for over thirteen years. Sonia and Chris are both fabulous trainers and take professional pride in their work.  They keep their workouts interesting and fun, and they vary the routine so it's never boring.  Most importantly they check with me to see what areas I need to work on when I come in and if I have a problem spot they can change the work out on a dime to focus on that area.  

I feel so lucky that my daughter lived in Campbell and found Body Evolutions studio so many years ago and even luckier that she urged me to go there. 

~ Wendy G. - Saratoga