Pilates Reformer Classes: 4 great reasons you should try them


Pilates has grown immensely in popularity since I was first introduced to it in 1994. Back then Pilates studios primarily taught private lessons or open sessions where students would come to the studio and practice the routine they were taught in their private session alongside other students practicing their personalized routines. Reformer classes as we know them today were uncommon and only became mainstream as Pilates grew in popularity. 

During that time there wasn't a whole lot of information to be found about Pilates and since there weren't very many studios it was difficult to find one locally. I remember the internet was just barely gaining popularity around that time so most studios didn't have websites. Remember AOL? 

Despite the lack or non-existence of printed information, internet, or social media to disseminate the benefits of Pilates,  the word quickly got out and now you can find Pilates in studios, gyms, doctors offices and just about everywhere.   

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The rapid growth of Pilates in recent years inspired the need for more studies to open and make equipment classes available to the masses. Many of these studios host reformer classes varying in size from four to twelve reformers per class. Pilates is a great way to connect with your core, stretch, make new friends, and is an economical option to private training. 


Reformer Classes: 4 Reasons for you to try them

Pilates Reformer classes are a great way to achieve a stronger core and toned body making it a great workout for most populations. Pilates is designed to work from the inside out, using your breath to connect to your deep abdominals while simultaneously moving with control and precision in rhythm with the choreography. The movements are done slowly and with intention ensuring a safe and effective workout.

That being said, if you're just recovering from an injury, surgery, or are currently experiencing back pain please consult with your doctor before joining a class. Some individuals may require more experience on the reformer in a private setting before safely joining a group reformer class. 

You will become more flexible with each session. Although Pilates is universally known for strengthening your core, one of the great benefits of this workout is how it also serves to increase your flexibility. This, in turn, helps to alleviate stress on the joints and body, giving you an overall sense of relaxation when you're done.  

The reformer classes are an affordable alternative to private training. If you're looking to stretch your dollar then classes are the way to go. Depending on the package or membership you purchase you can usually attend two or more classes for the same price as a private session.

Reformer classes are a great way to make friends and workout with people who love Pilates just as much as you do. The Pilates community is growing every day and working out with others who share your same passion for the work makes coming to class that much more special.


Despite the surge of larger class sizes we chose to keep our classes small.  
Our class size is small enough to get personalized attention yet large enough to get the social interaction that so many of us love. When we first introduced equipment classes years ago, we knew that we wanted to teach them in such a way that our students would get a more personalized class experience with attention to detail and technique. And that's just what we've done! 

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Reformer classes at Body Evolutions are an extension of our private training sessions and are an excellent adjunct to or transition from Pilates sessions.  
Some experience is required before entering an open level class, and we recommend taking a few private sessions to familiarize yourself with the equipment, terminology, and exercises. Taking a few individual lessons prior to joining a class will prepare you and make the transition into an existing group a smooth one.  

If you feel that group reformer classes are something you'd be interested in, we recommend you contact the studio and set an appointment for a one-on-one consultation. Check out our new client intro offers, they're a great way to get started. Starting your sessions this way will give you a better feel for our space, instructors, and teaching. You can also check out our class schedule or visit a class to get a better feel and sense of the class format. 

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