Sonia Lopez

Co-founder Body Evolutions

@bodyevolutions @bodyevolutionsfitness
LBDC Pilates, Level 1 GYROTONIC®, Level 1 GYROKINESIS®
  • Sonia and Chris are both fabulous trainers and take professional pride in their work. They vary the routine so it is never boring. Most importantly they check with me to see what areas I need to work on when I come in.
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  • I've experienced a dramatic improvement in my range of motion. It's been life changing experiencing the benefits of flexibility in everyday life. Sonia understood my body's limitations and worked with me to overcome them.
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Ever since she can remember Sonia has always been interested in movement, making the transition from dance to Pilates and GYROTONIC® a natural evolution in her life. 

Sonia is a certified Pilates trainer with Marie-Jose Blom of Long Beach Dance Conditioning, and a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise trainer. Her expertise spans over twenty years when she began studying Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise in 1994 to compliment her career as a professional ballroom dance competitor. 

She originally moved to the Bay Area from Los Angeles to teach and dance Ballroom competitively, but soon found herself immersed with the dancesport community imparting her knowledge of Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise systems. As a former professional dancesport competitor and teacher Sonia brings with her over fifteen years of ballroom dance experience, which gives her a unique perspective on movement. Her teaching style helps students listen to their bodies and focus on releasing tension, recognizing imbalances and organizing the body so that it moves with ease, through compassionate and clear instruction, skillful sequencing, and insightful hands-on cueing. Her purpose is to strengthen her students bodies, clear their minds, and inspire them to want to learn more.

Sonia enjoys working with all ages, fitness levels, dancers and athletes. Her years of experience in working with men and women with injuries (back and knee pain, scoliosis, adult hip subluxation, frozen shoulder, and pre and post partum women), has helped develop her skills as a movement educator, and her clients to achieve a better quality of life.

To this day Sonia continues to expand her knowledge and pursue all educational resources in therapeutic exercise, movement re-education techniques, advanced studies in GYROTONIC® exercise and Pilates. Life outside of Body Evolutions is dedicated to her family. In her spare time Sonia enjoys researching health and wellness. Her fitness practice include Pilates, Gyrotonic and running.                                                    

For as long as I've been teaching I'm still continually amazed at the improvement my students experience once they start a regular Pilates or GYROTONIC® program. These bodies of work never cease to impress me. I'm so grateful to be a part of this journey. 
~ Sonia Lopez