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~Chris and Sonia Lopez





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Body Evolutions PILATES Exercise
& the GYROTONIC® Method under one roof

Body Evolutions was established in 2001 in the city of Campbell to provide an integrated approach to physical fitness for our students and community. Since then thousands of students have walked through our doors and benefited from the physical and mental empowerment these systems and wellness techniques have to offer towards ultimate balance and well-being. 

You will enjoy an environment supportive to adults of all ages, sizes, and levels of exercise and movement experience, including beginners to Pilates and GYROTONIC®.

Body Evolutions offers classical Pilates movement with a blend of modern techniques, modifications, and variations on the Pilates reformer, and other apparatus to create a personalized program to increase flexibility, gain strength, improve sports performance, and prevent injuries.

We also offer the GYROTONIC® exercise method, a unique movement experience designed to create balance, agility, strength and flexibility. The exercise systems are equally effective regardless if you are retired, an out-of-shape executive, post-partum mom, weekend warrior, a highly trained athlete or dancer because each student learns to work individually, applying principles of good body mechanics to every exercise.

Both exercise systems encourage decompression of the joints, improve posture, alleviate pain, improve balance, increase flexibility, and decrease stress. Pilates and the GYROTONIC® Method are excellent for helping people suffering from back pain due to poor posture, sitting for long periods at their desk, and those recovering from injuries. They are for those who want to move, work and play without pain. 

Body Evolutions is conveniently located in Campbell, Ca where we offer private and duet Pilates and GYROTONIC® Method training. Our Pilates reformer studio offers Pilates for beginners and open level reformer classes that are limited in size so you’ll get individualized attention with the energy of a group setting.

As our name suggests Body Evolutions works to transform the way you move, and expand your understanding of your body in a way you can feel right in your first session. We strive to create a Pilates & GYROTONIC® movement center that inspires change, build a community of wellness, and transform lives from the inside out, one breath at a time.

Body Evolutions is a 2018 MINDBODY Visionary!
Thanks to all our students and community who have supported us for the past eighteen years. 
Breathe Move Heal

People experiencing pain are looking for something different to traditional fitness. We care and listen creating personalized fitness solutions teaching you techniques that inspire confidence, and a feeling of possibility so that you can use your time efficiently to reduce stress, have more energy and feel better than you did when you walked in.

We look forward to serving you in your quest for greater health, fitness, balance and total well-being.

~Chris and Sonia Lopez


We believe in restoring your body to its optimal state of physical health using a holistic approach to body conditioning.
We're here to honor and empower you on your journey toward well-being, personal growth, and full potential.

Enjoy private GYROTONIC® Method lessons, workout with a friend, or choose from one of our challenging, low-impact Pilates reformer classes in a unique and intimate setting.  You will learn to embrace challenging yourself in a motivating and supportive environment while under the nurturing guidance of experienced movement educators.

We believe you'll love our studio in Campbell too. Our students love us for our friendliness, classes, expertise and professionalism of our instructors, and the soothing ambiance of our beautiful studio. Not to mention, the convenience of booking, wait-listing and purchasing credits via our smartphone app or website. 
Whether you need to train, tone, sculpt or heal Body Evolutions has something for you. 

Join Santa Clara county’s leading PILATES & GYROTONIC® Method movement center

Experience the Body Evolutions difference. Join this vibrant and loyal community that has been with us for over 18 years. You will get the personalized attention you deserve with private training and small group classes.

changing bodies one breath at a time...