Pilates is better then aspirin – Angel F.

Angel has been working out at Body Evolutions for a little over two years now, and he always has a smile on his face for everyone. The best part is when he is done with this session, because he like to let everyone know just how great he feels.

Recently, after finishing his session with Chris he was on his way out the door and he says out loud with a huge smile on his face, “Pilates is better then aspirin”, expressing just how good he felt in that moment. I happened to be there and of course I asked if we could have that in writing. Angel agreed to write about his experience at Body Evolutions and this is what he had to say.


“My name is Angel Figueroa and I have been coming to Body Evolutions since the beginning of October 2016 for about two and a half years. I have worked in tech my whole career and have been very active in sports.

Before trying Pilates I was complaining every day about soreness in my shoulders and neck from working on a laptop every day. I had a chronic stiff neck and could not touch the wall with my hands when standing with my back up against it.

My wife was a current client rehabbing a knee and shoulder injury, and she talked me into giving it a try. Pilates and the GYROTONIC® method were new to me as I have never sought help from anyone other than a Chiropractor.

Since my wife convinced me (with a nice intro pkg) to give it a try I went down to see Chris and Sonia. After a few minutes with Chris he could instantly tell the condition of my body by spotting my posture, hearing my complaints and by performing some mobility checks.

Chris is a very good listener, I come in once per week and tell Chris what the trouble for the week is, he takes my input and develops a program for me for that visit. Every time I leave the studio I feel like I stretched back into a normal body position and I would feel great and ready to go back into the world for another week.


A few things I you like about Body Evolutions are that the place is very calm, and clean, and I feel 100% focused on working on my body parts as we go through my routine.  Chris will work carefully with you to get the full benefit of each exercise as I guarantee you will feel like cheating vs doing it right all the time. But most of all Chris is a professional body whisperer and whether I say anything or not he will observe and dial in what is needed for my body.

Chris has given me some exercises to perform at home to assist holding on to my gains during the week. He also educated me along the way as I needed to understand what the objective is for each exercise. Today my mobility and energy to golf, garden and bike ride is very high! I feel very alive and ready for action and movement. My ability to rotate during a golf swing is so much improved. I can stand up against a wall and hold my hands flat against it and I no longer complain about my body to my wife :) 

My most challenging exercise is on the GYROTONIC® tower sitting backwards squeezing my shoulders, as my posture is not very good.

My favorite exercise is side bending on the Pilates Cadillac with the push through bar, as it stretches my torso.


When I started with Body Evolutions my goals were getting out of shoulder pain, and improving mobility in my upper and lower body

Taking lessons at Body Evolutions made my life easier by taking me out of pain and tightness from office work. It has given me more flexibility to golf and to generally more active.

Chris also encourages me along the way to perfect each movement for a maximum result. I tend to need the instructions and encouragement each time no matter how many lessons I have had. His approach is to always use good communication and to train for a positive result for each movement.

I would definitely recommend Body Evolutions! Since I enjoy golfing, gardening and biking (which I do always as a weekend warrior) I find I'm always in need for Chris to help me get ready for the weekend and to prepare my body for the work week ahead. His professionalism and care factor are both very high and are much appreciated!

The tips I would give someone thinking about becoming a student at Body Evolutions would be to be specific about your goals so your trainer can design a specific improvement program.”  

~ Angel Figueroa

Thank you Angel, for your beautiful testimonial. You are a ray of sunshine and we couldn’t be happier to have you and your smile in our studio.



About Sonia Lopez


Sonia Lopez is a Pilates and GYROTONIC® teacher, and one of the co-founders of Body Evolutions. Over the past 20+ years Sonia has helped hundreds of men and women achieve a better quality of life. Her passion for teaching and sharing how to regain a youthful vibe with Pilates and GYROTONIC® is now flowing into writing how these systems benefit people of all ages in feeling their best.