Studio Etiquette

The following is a list of general etiquette points clients should be aware of before attending classes or sessions:

Sign In
Please sign in at the front desk upon arriving to class before the start of your lesson. We use the sign in sheet to help us keep as accurate records as possible and to compensate instructors for their time. 

Heavy scents, perfumes, and gum
We ask that you refrain from wearing heavy scents or perfumes in the studio. For safety, it is not recommended clients wear lotion on their feet before taking class. For your safety, gum chewing is not allowed in class.

Unplug for an hour
Please turn all cell phones and watches off before entering the studio. If it is an emergency, please use your phone outside the studio.

As a consideration to those training around you we ask that you keep your voices low and conversations to a minimum. Please save all outside discussions for after class.

For safety, please keep aisles clear in the studio. Stow all props and equipment underneath your reformer during class. Please remove shoes upon entering the studio. Personal belongings should either be kept in a cubby or stowed securely underneath a reformer to avoid accidents. 

Please do not use the reformer until the instructor has entered the classroom and given instructions on how to set it up first. 

Exercise Modifications
Please stay in pace with the instructor’s cues and directed exercises. If you need to modify an exercise and are unsure how, ask the instructor for an appropriate modification. Substituting an exercise with a different exercise is not the same as modifying it, so please use appropriate exercise modifications unless an instructor has given prior approval for an exercise substitution. 

Entering and exiting classes and/or sessions
If you are late to class, please join the class in the current exercise they are working on. The instructor may give you a warm-up exercise to do first, but if they do not, continue to do what the rest of the class is doing.
If you need to leave class early, please notify your instructor ahead of time.

Clean up your space and don’t forget your stuff
We take pride in keeping a clean, neat, and odor-free studio (with a little help from our fan diffuser). Everyone appreciates a fresh and tidy studio, and you can help us keep things clean and orderly by taking a few minutes after class to sanitize your machine, mat and props at the end of each session with the disinfectant spray provided and returning all equipment to its original location/position so it’s ready to go for the next class or session. Before you leave, don’t forget to check the area around your reformer and cubby to make sure you don’t leave any valuables behind.

This is a positive and supportive environment
Please try to uphold a positive, respectful, and supportive atmosphere. We are all here to bring out the best in you! Any complaints or grievances should be addressed privately with management or your instructor. 

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